Sari Klaus – Architect and Town Planner

SariEngGraduated from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) with B.Sc in Architecture and Town Planning, and M.Sc in Architecture. 26 years of professional experience as 'Sari Klaus Architecture and Town Planning' including partnership with colleagues architects. Has participated in planning of architectural and statutory projects, e.g. schools, community centers in various cities, master plan for Eilat's new international airport, detailed plans for residential, commercial and touristic projects. Sari was Supervisor of the Planning and Construction Division of Public Buildings of Mifal Hapais - the Israeli National Lottery. Sari's experience includes involvement in and management of planning of comprehensive projects such as Ayalon East Highway, programs for the new Taba Border Terminal, master plans and detailed plans as a referent of the Chief Architect of the Ministry of Construction & Housing, and 60 feasibility studies in various fields for the Israel Land Authority. Sari serves as an investigator of objections to statutory plans, under appointment of the Minister of the Interior. She also holds a position of a senior lecturer at the David Azrieli School of Architecture, the Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University.

Barak Katz – Towns and Regions Planner

BarakEngGraduated from Tel-Aviv University with B.A in geography and of Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) with M.Sc in town and regional planning. Barak has 12 years of experience in the fields of planning and environment, e.g. coordinating and professional managing of planning teams in master and outline plans on various levels (national, regional, metropolitan and local), planning methodologies formation, programs consolidation, integration of planning working teams and environmental aspects in complex national projects. Barak has coordinated team-work in projects such as partial regional outline plans for the Be'er-Sheva District, Eilat Master Plan, policy document for artificial islands for infrastructures, has led master plans of bicycle paths in Jerusalem and Ramat-Gan, and plans for bicycle paths in open spaces. He is highly experienced in work with local authorities and planning committees at all levels. He has conducted EIAs (environmental impact assessments) and environmental documents in various national projects, such as the new Timna Airport under construction, Misgav-Am pumped storage power station, Acre Southern Coast Plan. Barak has coordinated the process of formatting environmental strategies for organizations and businesses. Previously, Barak has served as Manager of Urban Planning and Environmental Departments in a consulting firm.