Ethos Architectural and Statutory Planning

• Detailed local and master plans from conception to completion
• Urban design
• Design of public and educational buildings
• Planning consultation for governmental ministries and authorities
• Investigation of objections to statutory plans
• Feasibility studies in various fields and scopes

Ethos Consulting for Industries and Companies

• Environmental and sustainability strategy and reporting for industrial companies
• Representing clients at various authorities and acquiring licenses Expertise in global and European foreign environmental regulation (GHS, REACH, RoHS etc).
• Soil contamination surveys and remediation plans
• Environmental Due Diligence /Phase1 site assessments
• Consulting on hazardous materials, air and water pollution
• Expert evaluation reports of "green" products and technologies

Ethos Environmental Planning

• Environmental impact assessments and environmental reports
• Environmental consulting and supporting of master and outline plans
• Master plans and sustainable development plans for local authorities
• Waste management and recycling plans
• Environmental support for building permit procedures
• Analysis of wind and shadow impacts of high-rise buildings

Ethos Planning and Project Management

• Managing and coordinating master and outline plans at all levels
• Programming, functional layout planning, management of design and construction projects.
• Delivering cycling master plans for local authorities
• Consulting and management in the fields of policy documents, professional surveys and research projects
• Management of public participation in planning processes